Skillcape of smithing and Something else

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If you're in RuneScape gold a member's world, throw tele-other on them. If they're dumb enough to have accept aid on, they'll be greeted with a large window looking at their display, efficiently disorienting them. If they're doing something which requires wielding a product, forfeit a gnomeball by throwing them. This can make them unequip their hatchet/pickaxe/net to catch the ball, and therefore give them less inventory space. In addition, this may cause them to accidentally bank or even drop their hatchet/pickaxe/net, and they won't be able to ability anymore. Doesn't work; they need to have both hands open. Hope I helped, or atleast, gave you some interesting suggestions to tease macros! Enjoy!

Skillcape of smithing and Something else

I had/have no problems with this quest; I would simply like to share the following bit of light-hearted humour I found in this quest: After you talk to the knight and to Reldo, you go to Thurgo. Right-click to select Talk-to Thurgo; the next two options appear: Skillcape of smithing, Something else.

1) Select"Skillcape of Smithing", along with your character says,"That's an odd cape you are wearing, what is it?" Thurgo smiles and replies,"it is a skillcape of smithing. Shows that I am a master blacksmith, but of course that's only to be expected. I'm an Imcando dwarf after all and everybody knows we're the best blacksmiths." This time select"Something else", your character says,"Hello. Are you currently an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo says,"Perhaps. Who wants to know?" (Thurgo's eyebrows shows that he's not happy because he answers.)

. . .BWAHAHA! Considering that Thurgo advised us moments ago that he is an Imcando dwarf, once we ask,"Hello. Are you an Imcando Dwarf", should not the answer be Yes? I did the pursuit mainly becuase I wanted to utilize rockshell armour and go to difrent isles. So I began out my quest by doing the drinking competition. I thought it had been suck a horribal pun to go all of the way to seers village to have the potion into cheet in the competition. Lol I ended up stroring some kegs of beer in the bank for home partys emo.

Then I had to do the liar part which took me forever to find the enchanting altar. I had to admit I believed lolly was humorous. Then it was time for the merchants trial part that was partially easy using the sals pursuit manual. But found it frustrating trying to find the next person. I discovered it clever who you give everyone exactly what they need at the conclusion. The hunter part was utterly dull attempting to buy RS gold find that noob spirit with that talasmin. Nnow the maze part was extremely easy with the sals quest guide and was also excellent fun.


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