Best Way to Keep Tape in Extensions From Tangling

If you have ever heard of the term "clipping" then you have surely heard of the best way to keep the tape in extensions from tangling. It is commonly associated with telephone companies, but it really applies to all types of mails. Clipping paper or tape has the same effect on

While using a fastener on your wall to hang a picture on your wall, you will notice that you can actually pull it off if you tug hard enough. It just so happens that this same action can pull a fastener off your wall, making the adhesive that holds it fast wear down, and eventually break off. The same thing can happen with an extension cord.

Any time you use extension cords, cable clips, or even lock nuts, they can end up pulling themselves loose. When they do, you are not only dealing with loose adhesive, but loose electrical cables as well. This leads to a lot of problems for you.

With extension cords, many times the cord will become damaged, or the wires will break, just by sitting around for a while. In order to protect these wires from being damaged, we need to clip them off at all times. Even if we are not directly installing a new extension cord, we still need to clip them off so that they do not fall off.

Because cable and extension cords can be damaged with their own weight, sometimes people end up causing more damage to the cable than it would have if we had just clipped it off the wall when we installed it. By clipping the cord off at the main socket, we are preventing ourselves from being caught by the cable and causing the damage to the cable that we might be expecting. When we are clipped off from the main cable, itacts as a sort of buffer zone, in which no part of the cable will get any undue tension.

By clipping off the extension cords, the wire is protected, and you are not putting it in a potentially dangerous situation. Because we are not installing new cables every day, we are not going to be at risk to the potential of having to do repairs at some point in the future. We can simply clip off the extension cords, and they are protected until they need to be repaired.

As a side note, we often find that wires will come out of our hair extensions when we are either trying to do something different with it, or when it is stretching out of control. We are never able to stay focused enough on what we are doing, so it ends up pulling itself away from the wall, or the studs. If we were to clip it off at the socket, then the wire is protected, and we are not going to have to run out and buy a new extension cord.

Using cable clips is the same thing as clipping off extension cords. We can also use lock nuts to clip off the extension cords when we are not using them. This way we will not need to worry about damaging the wires, and will not have to worry about accidentally pulling them loose.

One other important aspect of clipping off extension cords is that the extension cords may even run too far down the wall and need to be pushed back into the socket. If we clip them off at the top of the wall, then we can damage them further, as we run the risk of falling down or hitting a wall stud. By clipping them off, we are ensuring that we will be able to stay safe, and that we will not cause any harm to ourselves.

In the event that we have to remove the wire and re-install it, we will be better protected. However, in some cases where we are unsure whether we will need to clip it off, we can clip it right back onto the stud. it, and then reinstall it into place the same way it was originally installed.

The next time you go into the office, take a look at the extension cords hanging from the wall. and think about how the cords are being clipped off can cause the wires to tangleave tape in extensions from tangling. If you can clip them off when you are attempting to install the extension cords, it, then this would be the best way to keep the cords from tangling.


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