VDI vs DaaS: Key Differences

DaaS is similar to VDI but is provided as a managed service from cloud vendors. In DaaS services, virtual desktops are hosted on managed cloud infrastructure and remotely delivered to user clients. These services can be combined with the cloud providers’ other services and are billed on

VDI vs DaaS: Key Differences

Revenues are similar, but deploying VDI software and DaaS has different advantages and challenges. Below is a comparison of these two options that explain these differences.

Single-tenant vs multi-tenant

 This model gives you complete control over resource configuration and distribution. It also eliminates the possibility that other users' resource requirements may affect your deployment. In contrast, most DaaS services are based on a multi-tenant model. In these models, services are hosted on servers or data centers that are shared with other organizations.


Hosted VDI deployment is responsible for all installation, maintenance, and management. Hosting your on-premises deployment means maintaining and accommodating hardware in addition to virtual machines. If your deployment is hosted in an external private cloud, your hosting provider may manage and manage your infrastructure. In a DaaS deployment, the infrastructure is managed and there is no maintenance or management responsibility. The provider is responsible for hardware monitoring, upgrades, availability, and troubleshooting. You can also use Desktop as a service to access your provider's technical support.


Deploying VDI requires a large amount of capital spending (CapEx), especially if you need to buy or upgrade a server or data center. However, once you purchase and configure the hardware, your organization can start paying back its technical debt and not have to worry about ongoing subscription costs.



Desktop as a Service offers cost and time savings, increased security, and efficiency. Because of these great benefits, many organizations have switched to this service and left their limited hardware systems. One of the best hosting service providers like Apps4Rent can help you set up your DaaS hassle-free with optimum security.


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