How to implement a cloud backup strategy?

How to implement a cloud backup strategy?

Like other cloud computing services, cloud backup needs to be seen by companies as a strategy. It has to be systematized, encompass the data protection strategy and be in alignment with the business evolution efforts. In this way, it is possible to establish a partnership with a provider that will meet the demands of each organization, according to their specificities.

And, after all, how to do that? To find out, check out the initial steps to implement this strategy.

Map and sort the data
First, it is necessary to map and evaluate the data, classifying it in order to identify which are highly confidential and which are sensitive, for example. In addition, it is necessary to think about the life cycle of each of these data, separating them by categories. Understand where they are, through which paths they can be accessed and who are the people who can access and change them. Thus, it is possible to know the applications and information that deserve backup copies, with what periodicity, among other things.

Assess the space required
Classifying the data also helps to define how much storage space will be needed for backup copies. Both this question and the previous one can be carried out in conjunction with a specialized partnership.

The good news is that cloud computing allows you to expand or reduce space whenever necessary. That is, if there is a peak in production or information capture, just contact the supplier company to ensure that more backup copies are made and properly stored.

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Choose the cloud backup service
Then, it is important to evaluate the various cloud backup services available on the market, considering the real needs of the company in several aspects.

It is interesting to know, for example, whether it is necessary to synchronize the files or just store them, whether it is important to save the information locally or only in the cloud, among other issues. It is also recommended to check if your company's work dynamics requires working together - between departments, branches and business partners - on backup copies.

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