Hime Cut-Top 20 Hime Cut Hair Looks

Every woman wants to look cute stunning and gorgeous, and the long hair and hairstyles are undoubtedly help this, one of the most popular hairstyles that emphasize the beauty and cuteness of any lady is a hime cut.

Every woman wants to look cute stunning and gorgeous, and the long hair and hairstyles are undoubtedly help this, one of the most popular hairstyles that emphasize the beauty and cuteness of any lady is a hime cut.

The hairstyles come with time and trend, but some of them have become classics and not changed. Hime cut hair is consideres as a very classic haircut.

Any woman or girl looks incredibly attractive and cute as a princess with hime cut hairstyles. This hairstyle seems to have taken over the world with its beautiful and cute appearance.

To know more about this hairstyle keep reading this blog. Because in this blog I sharing with you what is hime cut and stunning hairstyles. So let’s have a look at it. 

What Is Hime Cut?

Hime cut or hime katto is a princess hairstyle. This haircut starts in the Japanese imperial court during the Heian period.

It becomes a trend by k-pop icons, manga appreciators, and modern Japanese girls. Hime cuts hairstyle is a special haircut in binsogi and amasogi in Japanese culture.

Amasogi is a blunt shoulder-length hair cut that was popular back in the Japanese imperial. The binsogi hairstyles involve the hair cut near the eyes to ear length.

The binsogi is an age ceremony when a woman turns 20, which is how this hairstyle gets its name binsogi. The hime cut hairstyle is most often seen in gothic Lolita culture.

It also becomes popular now in Korea and South Korea by K-pop stars and fans while keeping its initial structure.

The hime hairstyle is generally projecting on straight long hair and it is not a typical hairstyle. In most cases consisting of a front fringe and blunt sidelocks and cheek length.

Hime cut hairstyles require a fair bit of maintenance. So check out what you need to do to maintain this hairstyle. 

How To Maintain and Care Hime Cuts

This haircut is high maintenance for those women who don’t have straight hair. Because it requires frequent touch-ups on the front bangs and side locks to maintain its shape.

If you have curly hair then hair straightening can help you to solve these problems as well as the hair straightening irons and specially formulated shampoo that make your hair straight can help you. If you have straight and long hair then trim your bangs and hair regularly to keep it looking fresh and on point.

Let’s have a look at some stunning and feminist hime cut hairstyles.

Types Of Hime Cuts

1. Long Side Hime Cut 

Long side bangs are make any hairstyles classic and look dapper. So pair you hime cut with long bangs this is just a modification of classic hime hairstyles.

This haircut looks perfect on the triangular face, and do this hairstyle with the straight and medium hair. The only improvisation of this hairstyle is the long locks on the sides.

This hairstyle really looks yet simple and lovely, if you want to try some color on your hair then highlight your hair with balayage.

This hairstyle looks better and best with simplicity so you can leave your hair as it is natural.

2. Chin-Length Hime Cut

In traditional hime cuts your bangs are cuts little below the cheeks, but if you want then you can taking it all the way down to the chin.

This hair cut helps you to frame your face by highlighting your jawline. 

3. Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

The double sidelocks hime cut is like all good things come in doubles. The length of the first sidelock is cut at your cheek and the second side lock length is cut a little lower to the cheek length.

This hairstyle adds depth to your hair but also, notice the first sidelock is more important than the second side lock. 

4. Extreme Black Hime

If you love hime cut hairstyle then dark black hime is a perfect look for you. The shine of this hairstyle adds charm in your look and gives you a glamorous and stunning appearance.

The bent structure of the finger in this hairstyle will look fabulous black hair. The height of the hair in the hairstyle should be medium to get the perfect hime hairstyle in black hair. 

5. Dissociated Hime Cut

The bangs, sidelock, and side bang clearly separate in dissociated hime cut.

The levels of bangs care clearly separate from each other and not blend together. This hairstyle adds an edgy touch to the look and gives you a stunning and gorgeous look.



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