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Miaomiao [wear quickly]

Miaomiao [wear quickly]

After thinking for a while, Shark Hill lay down again and yawned to go back to sleep. At that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open with a bang.

After thinking for a while, Shark Hill lay down again and yawned to go back to sleep. At that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open with a bang. Shark Hill sat up suddenly. "Who?" An octopus, with eight legs moving fast, slipped in through the crack of the door and hid behind it. It's like there's a ghost chasing after you. Shark Hill saw this scene and was confused for a moment. "Uh, what's wrong?" Is there a strong enemy? Qin Changan listened carefully to the movement outside, to make sure that he did not feel anything wrong, as if nothing had happened to change the subject, "nothing, why haven't you slept yet?" It's not like it's all right, Shark Hill muttered, patted his thigh and answered him, "Oh yes!"! Master, didn't you ask us to find the things of the human race? As soon as I got Shark Xiang's call for help, I went there. She seemed to have found a sunken ship, but it was a little small. If the sea people are willing, their voices can be transmitted for a long distance in the sea, but these voices can be heard by the sea people of their own race, there is no privacy, can not be used for communication, there are no special circumstances, the sea people will not make too much noise. Except in case of distress. At this time,pump tube, of course, the louder the sound, the better. The higher the cultivation of the sea tribe, the better the energy contained in its body. As we all know, the body of the sea tribe can eat. Of course, most of the sea tribes will not eat. After all, they already have spiritual things. They can't get over the barrier in their hearts. But there are also some sea people, already crazy,cosmetic plastic tube, will deliberately arrest some sea people to eat, Shark Xiang met such a sea people. She summoned the sharks around her in time to come to the rescue. Fortunately, Shark Xiang was a girl and liked Shark Beads (Shark people shed tears into beads). She often came to the King City of Shark People, and this time she was not far from the King City. Qin Changan, oh, remembered the square box that Miaomiao used for his treatment, which seemed to be a human thing, and looked at the furnishings in Miaomiao's room, some of which he had seen in the sinking ship. Miao-miao seems to really like these. We'll go out in two days. It's time to look for the sunken ship, and his belongings, the treasures of heaven and earth that have been found before, are stored in his territory. He's going to marry Miaomiao, and he must bring all the other things here. Master, would you like to see the place Xiang Xiang told me? Shark Hill scratched his head, eyes unconsciously glanced at Qin Changan's face, Xiang Xiang told him the location of the sinking ship, plastic laminted tube ,aluminium laminated tube, is a slight expression of gratitude, this thing is actually useless to their sea people, just look good. Qin Changan nodded, "no." It's a small boat. He didn't care about it before. In fact, he found a lot of big sunken ships. It's not easy to bring those things back. Just forget the boat. Shark Hill nodded repeatedly. What he said was what he said. If the scholar was here, he would analyze the situation, ask him about his injuries, and consider whether it would be bad to go out now. Shark Hill would not consider it at all. Qin Changan consciously finished speaking, looked at Shark Hill eyes have been looking at his face, want to speak and stop, casually asked, "has been staring at me to do what." As he spoke, he pulled open the stone door and prepared to go back to the house to sleep. Shark Hill's face is a little tangled, "Master, how do I feel." One side of your face is big and the other is small. He looked at it many times, but he still felt that his left and right faces were a little asymmetric, and one tentacle was thicker than the others. Qin Changan: ".." Qin Changan almost didn't hit the stone gate. Shut up "You are wrong!" Shark Hill is trying to refute, was Qin Changan stare, strong directly told him that if the next sentence is said, it will be finished, Shark Hill frowned distressed to swallow the words back. Is he really wrong? He hurt his eyes when he went to save people just now?? —— When the scholar got up the next day, he saw a shark outside the door lying on the ground in a belly-up position, with two short fins holding sea spirit leaves, squeezing juice into his eyes with difficulty. Scholar: "…" He twitched the corners of his mouth. What are you doing? Shark Hill showed a mouthful of white teeth, obviously a ferocious look, but the scholar looked a little silly, "I think there is something wrong with my eyes, don't you say that Hailingye can cure the eyes?" Scholar.. So why don't you become a person and squeeze again? He has a misunderstanding about the length of his fin, and whether his fin can even reach his mouth is unknown, okay? Shark Hill: … Isn't it said that the sea spirit leaf should be smeared on the original shape to be useful? “…… Who did you hear that from? "Master!" “……” Two people looked at each other for a period of time, the scholar showed a smile, spineless change, "Yes, the master is right, you continue." Finally, the scholar took the branch of the sea spirit leaf and smeared it on the shark's eyelids. "Why do you think there is something wrong with your eyes?" The scholar asked as he wiped. He looks fine. Shark Hill gloomily said what happened last night, "I really think the master's left head is fat, and one of his tentacles is thick." “…… You said the master was a little nervous when he came back? The more the scholar listened, the more strange his face became. I was wrong. The shark hung his head with some chagrin. The scholar's brain turned, recalling that he felt the shaking of the earth when he was half asleep and half awake last night, and his face gradually became very wonderful. …… It's not fat, it's swollen. — Qin Changan did not know the scholar's mood at this time. As soon as he was reminded by Shark Hill last night, he remembered the problem of his tentacles and face, and squinted a little, but his mind did not stay on it for long, and when he remembered something, he could not help laughing and exulting. He did a great thing before he left! Mmm. Qin Changan touched his lips, recalling the kind of soft touch, a few tentacles unconsciously swing up the water,empty lotion tubes, really good, he kissed Miaomiao! I just don't know if Miaomiao is angry? If he is angry, how can he coax her tomorrow. emptycosmetictubes.com


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