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Him? He was busy with Zhong Wu, and more than a hundred girls came together, which was more of a headache than a hundred ducks.

Him? He was busy with Zhong Wu, and more than a hundred girls came together, which was more of a headache than a hundred ducks. Thinking of Chen Han, who ran over last night and left in a hurry when he learned that Shen Chi's operation went smoothly, Feng Li couldn't help laughing. At this time two people do not know, Chen Han at this time where just headache, his head is going to explode! Let go of me! Chen Han, don't go. Tell me clearly why you framed me. Chen Lijuan was grabbed by two criminal policemen, but her hands and feet kept struggling, as if she would rush at Chen Han as soon as she got rid of them, her eyes full of anger and hatred. Her appearance is beautiful, temperament is gentle, make this gesture not only not discomfited, all over the body tenacity and indomitable instead make her more attractive to people's eyes. Chen Han didn't want to talk to her at all, so he didn't have to think that this woman must want to get away with him. When you accidentally killed my mother-in-law, you relied on the connections in the army to put the charge of murder on my head. I couldn't bear to report you, so I had to run away overnight. How much suffering and hardship we have suffered now, so that we can get a foothold in Hong Kong and have no worries about food and clothing. But I don't want to go back to my hometown, and you will pour a basin of sewage on my head. "Yes,collapsible pallet box, I am dead set on you, but you can't spoil my affection for you and hurt me again and again." Chen Lijuan screamed without giving up. The voice of grief, indignation and despair, the smell of sadness, the listener wept. Chen Han's expression sank little by little, and finally turned black. Chapter 30 hateful and pathetic. In addition to Chen Han, Zhong Wu and Jiang Tao,drum spill pallet, as well as a group of soldiers, there were also people from the Criminal Police Brigade, as well as some female soldiers who were specially called to help communicate with the abducted girls. At this time, these people look at Chen Han's eyes with strange, especially those female soldiers, perhaps the same relationship as women, they look at Chen Han's eyes quite a kind of common enemy taste. Chen Han this is really a headache, he does not mind being misunderstood, afraid that the people of the Criminal Police Brigade have sympathy for Chen Lijuan, when handling the case gently, so that she escaped. But let him explain.. Chen Lijuan's words are naturally flawed in the eyes of those who know the truth, but for those who do not know. Her acting skills are really good, and she plays the grief and despair of a woman who is framed by a heartless man vividly. He would like to produce real evidence to refute her words, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, but after more than ten years, his hometown is so far away from the capital, where can he find evidence for a while? But if he tells the truth, with Chen Lijuan's previous words, the people present will inevitably feel that he is glib. The reason why Chen Lijuan has nothing to fear is that she knows this. Wasted his wisdom for a lifetime, do you want to fall on this woman twice? "Ms. Chen, you said that Chen Han accidentally killed his mother. Can you tell me when?" Suddenly, Jiang Tao held his glasses and turned over the document in his hand and asked. Fourteen years ago. Chen Lijuan felt that there was no need to make up about it. "" Jiang Tao suddenly let out a light laugh, and Chen Lijuan had a bad feeling in her heart. She saw him show the document in his hand to everyone: "This is the resume of Lieutenant Colonel Chen Han, fourteen years ago.". He was still serving in the army in J province, but he did not visit his in-laws for three consecutive years in '72,' 73, and '74, because he was on the battlefield in Vietnam at that time and did not get home leave until the end of the Vietnam War in' 75. How do you think he flew from Vietnam to Xinxiang County and accidentally killed his mother? As a guard responsible for helping Shen Chi deal with paperwork, Jiang Tao has the resumes of all the soldiers under Shen Chi. All the people present heard this. The look at Chen Lijuan was suddenly wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. Chen Lijuan's complexion did not change, but her heart was already in a panic. Can this be misremembered? Jiang Tao chuckled again, and although he did not say it, everyone seemed to hear what he had not said. But instead of clinging to this, he said in a good voice, "Even if you're wrong, Ms. Chen, let me remind you of one thing.". When Chen Han came down from the battlefield. He was seriously wounded by close fire, vomited and fell into a coma for a time. When he was awake, he could not hear people's voices. He could not even stand up. He was carried back by the soldiers in the army. How can he accidentally kill his own mother in this situation? Chen Lijuan was just about to speak. But Jiang Tao interrupted: "Don't say that after that, since that time I went back and learned that my parents were not there, Chen Han went back to the army and then got home leave and didn't go back. Occasionally, I went back to see my two sisters who married far away and gave them money to ask them to burn more paper for their parents when they were Pure Brightness." "Until 1984, when he was transferred to Mordor, he asked for leave to go back to sweep his parents'graves Pure Brightness." Chen Lijuan had no blood on her face at this time, but Jiang Tao did not intend to let her go. When Chen Han's father passed away, you rolled up all the property of the Chen family and planned to fly away, which was discovered by Aunt Chen. And you accidentally killed her. "You're talking nonsense!" Chen Lijuan cried, "It's just that my father-in-law is dead. Why should I run away with my family's money?"? Chen Han was still in the army at that time. I didn't want to live a good life. Why did I leave? "You and Chen Han must be partners, Chen Han's information must have been changed, no wonder he did not stop me from telling the truth just now.". He was waiting for me here. "Because you learned at the hospital that you couldn't have children at all." Chen Han said in a deep voice, "You are worried that I will divorce you when I come back, but you will have nothing.". But the huge fortune of the Chen family will turn into another woman. Chen Lijuan's expression was really ugly. She choked up and said, "Even if you want to frame me.". You can't make up a reason to insult people like this. "If you don't give up, I can send you to the hospital for another examination." Without waiting for Chen Lijuan to say anything, Chen Han then blocked her words, "If you don't believe the doctor in the military hospital, you can ask the criminal police brigade next to you to take you to any hospital to see,plastic pallet manufacturer, I have covered the cost." His expression was cold and calm, and he had no shame, and the people present could not help believing him even more. binpallet.com


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