The First IWC Boutique in Moscow not only producing the <a href="">Custom Watches</a>, but also the watch related components, our company has been working hard and keeping close cooperation with international top watch brands, and achieved great technology impro

In December of 2006, for the first time ever, an IWC watch boutique was opened in Moscow, Russia. This boutique was set in the well known Berlin House.

At the opening of the IWC watch boutique, the ribbon cutting was done by the renowned Russian celebrity Gosh Kutsenko, the manager of the IWC branch in Russia Michel Cheval and the company's president George Kern. The event had quite a turn out.

It was no coincidence that the actor Gosh Kutsenko attended the opening. IWC, a Swiss company, contracted the actor 2 years before the event to be the face of IWC watches in Russia. He already has at least 3 IWC watches and will be wearing IWC watches every where he goes.

This night of festivities was opened with the ribbon cutting and then the IWC models came out all wearing IWC watches. Each outfit worn by the models matched the classiness and elegance of the very timepieces adorning their wrists. The whole evening was dedicated to IWC watches.

A good example of how in-sync the outfits were with the IWC watches was the model sporting the IWC Da Vinci watch. The watch itself is considered to be a legend and a masterpiece. It was designed based on a sketch by Leonardo and shows the true skill and craftsmanship of IWC watches. The outfit worn by the stunning model had reflecting sketches from the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. The combination of her long white gown, the reflecting sketches, the IWC Da Vinci watch and the beauty of the model made for a jaw dropping combination. is a manufacturer, with a profesional design team for the most luxury Custom Watches, Custom Watch Bands, Custom Watch Dials and more. We are aiming at providing the best quality of products. Trusting us and then, you will find your choice absolutely right!