Budda Baker Madden 21 Rating: Should it Get Upgraded?

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After Budda Baker led the NFL in a single skating game last year and won his first professional bowl championship, the Arizona Cardinals' safety Budda Baker didn't even make it into the top ten in the initial safety rating of Madden 21. It's interesting to attend the Madden rating conference and hear how they demonstrate that the highest-paid security in the league ranks outside the top 10.

To say the least, Derrick Henry has an overall score of 93, which is disappointing, but Baker is among the top ten, which is really disrespectful. The highest ranked safety this season is Harrison Smith of the Minnesota Vikings with an overall score of 95. The only problem. He was not even an All-Pro last year, or even the best sense of security in his team. His teammate Anthony Harris tied for the lead with six shots.

Back to Baker. One would naturally assume that a player who led the league with 104 single tackles would have at least a fairly high tackle score. Madden disagreed. His 76 tackles score is incredible, especially when you think it is not even the highest score for game safety. But when you think that the Madden score regulator didn't even place Minkah Fitzpatrick in the top 10 safety scores at the beginning of the season, it all becomes more meaningful. Fitzpatrick was intercepted 5 times in 14 games and won the first team's full-professional honor.

In addition to this quick UCL tear that required surgery on the thumb and was absent in a single game, Baker is playing like a man to prove Madden wrong. Last night against the Dallas Cowboys, according to Fox 10 Phoenix's Brad Glass, he became the first Arizona Cardinals player to record sacks, force falls and interceptions in a game since 2003. .

Hope Madden will become sane soon, but I won't hold my breath. Baker scored a total of 15 tackles at the start of the season, and Madden reduced his overall scoring from 86 to 85 to reward him after the fourth week. Madden seems to have a hard time finding a way to surpass Budda Baker's performance last night, but this is 2020, which means everything will pass. Almost every year, EA makes a series of adjustments to Madden NFL 21, and buy MUT 21 Coins plays an important role in replacing player items and contracts.


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