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Schedule a Private TajMahal Tour to adventure a wonder

Schedule a Private TajMahal Tour to adventure a wonder

The TajMahal is a mausoleum of white marble, also one of the seven wonders. It was built in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India between 1631 and 1648 by architecture and craftsmanship hired by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife, MumtajMahal.

Undoubtedly, the Taj Mahal is a crown of India, the jewel of Muslim art, and also an unforgettable masterpiece of the world's heritage.

When you need to get rid of your tedious life or being a lover of historical buildings, you must make a plan to visit Agra. TajMahal is the main attraction of Agra. Your Same Day Agra tour by car and even India’s tour can’t get complete without exploring this monument depicting the true love of Shah Jahan and MumtajMahal.

Planning a trip to the Taj Mahal Tour by Car is a significant decision as you must glimpse each corner of it. Taj Mahal took around 16 years to complete. The masons, stone-cutters, architects, carvers, painters, dome builders, calligraphers, and other artisans are the persons involved in its construction. The fact is, the hands of all laborers were chopped after completion with the belief that the Taj Mahal couldn’t be constructed again. Therefore, this beautiful white mausoleum must be glimpsed thoroughly.

  • How should you visit the TajMahal?

To visit, you must plan a private Taj Mahal tour by Train with your family or buddies. A private tour is well appreciated, as you will be the supervisor of your trip. It assists you to spend maximum time at the TajMahal. It will be a better idea to hire a guide to make your tour complete. Therefore, planning a private trip will be worth it.

  • How can you plan your private Taj Mahal tour?

It will be a worthy idea to manage your Agra tour by Car for at least 5 days if you live outside India, while 2 days are sufficient if you are from the South, West, and East of India. In northern India, the Same Day Taj Mahal Tour is also planned.

  • If you are an international tourist

Being reside outside India, you first need to visit the international airport of Delhi (the capital of India) where you can book a hotel to stay overnight. Next morning, you must get ready for Agra Tour by train or cab. Agra is around 233 km away from Delhi. Around 3 h 33 min is required by car via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Express, while 2 hours are needed to train. Taj Mahal is open in the early morning, i.e., 6’o, so either you can directly visit (if you have a short schedule) or you can check in to the hotel. After some leisure time, you can go to the TajMahal.

  • If you are a domestic tourist and live in South, West, or East of India

 For your Same Day Taj Mahal tour, you need at least two days to sight the TajMahal. At first, you need to visit the Same Day Agra Tour which will suck much of the schedule. However, only 2 days are sufficient that can be managed even if you have a highly tight schedule.

  • If you are a domestic tourist and live in North India

If you live in Delhi or near its surrounding areas, you can manage the same day trip. For this, you need to start your journey early morning, or even you can travel at night to the Same Day Agra Tour by Train. In the early morning, you can visit The Taj and near about 5 pm, and you can start coming back to your destination.

Specialties in Agra

Besides, a city, blessed with historic buildings, and monuments, you can shop for leather products like shoes, belts, purses, etc. as Agra is the largest supplier of leather in India. Besides, you must fulfill your craving for sweets with ‘Petha’- a soft translucent candy. You can even experience street and branded foods along with filling your bags with local and branded shopping at nominal prices.

Don’t wait for more to plan a tour of the TajMahal. It will be the best building, and you ever explored in your life.

All the Best!

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